Lobby Rules

These general rules apply to the Lobby and any games played in the lobby.

Use the golden rule, “Treat others as you would want to be treated.”

  • Follow the Golden Rule and treat others as you would like to be treated!

  • No verbal abuse.

  • No racist, sexist, homophobic, or otherwise, vulgar language. The moderators do not care if it does not offend you and/or your friends. No bullying and/or discrimination will be tolerated. It is up to the moderators to decide what is or is not acceptable language.

  • Listen to the moderators and follow their instructions.

  • Please watch your language - Keep it clean when you get upset, take a breather before expressing your feelings in the Lobby and please refrain from swearing.

Banning Information

If you have been banned, and wish to either lodge a complaint or make a case for your un-ban, please go to this thread. Banned players: Please keep personal feelings and attitudes out of your posts. Be professional and clear, try to give any information possible.

Usernames Rules

The following usernames are not allowed:

  • Names which contains vulgar language
  • Names with sexual or racial connotations
  • Names with a political or religious or ideological agenda
  • Names which impersonate another player or a mod and names which are made solely to harass, troll or annoy another player or a mod.
  • TripleA is a wargame and the names of the protagonist of the different warscenarios hosted by the server are allowed. But names that diminish and trivialize or even gloriefies warcriminals or warcrimes are not allowed.
  • Names that are found to be very offensive


General moderator policy will be first to warn, kick, then ban. Deliberate ignorance of our warnings can result in a ban from the Lobby.

If a user has been found to directly target a person in a server, they will be removed. If a user comes onto the Lobby and verbally abuses other players, we can ban them. If a user continues to hassle our players, and/or admins, we will take disciplinary action against you, which is depending on the severity of your action.

Remember our Golden Rule is to treat others the same way you would want to be treated. We want everyone to enjoy their time playing TripleA, keep it respectful and have fun!