PBEM With Gmail

I found my problem was rooter in Gmail changing how they managing 3rd party software accessing their product, Previously you could enable a “low” security option that permitted 3rd party access to gmail. At some point Google has changed this to requiring app specific 16 character passwords that google generates for you; these can only be used if you enable 2-way log in authentication. Once done you can set up your 16-character custom code and use GMAIL for TripleA.

Here are the steps to follow:

1 - Enable 2-step authentication on you Gmail account. This can be accessed in your Gmail security section.

2 - Once enabled search, log into you google account settings and search for “App passwords”, this opens up the Apps passwords section of your account security section.

3 - Click “select App” button, from here and then select “Other custom name”. Type in the app name (I just used TripleA), then click the “Generate button”. A 16 character code will be generated, “Copy” this code.

4 - Back in the TripleA PBEM start page use the copies 16 character code as password for your associated email login.