RULES FOR BOTS (Automated Hosts)

The Automated Hosts or Bots are hosted by TripleA and have the same rules of conduct as the lobby rules.

They are provided as a courtesy for those that cannot host. All users are expected to use them politely as a service. They are not owned by anyone. It is generally a first to enter first to use basis. Hopefully in the future some kind of timer can be installed. (This would require a lot of unnecessary work). Thus gentlemanly conduct is expected by all.

Thus anyone is allowed to use the bot services. Occupying multiple bots is forbidden. The service is for all to use not for 1 player to host multiple maps.

If you have been waiting for quite awhile to find a player for your bot perhaps you can let someone else use it if they ask. (This of course only refers to extremely busy days when all the bots are full)

Bot Stealing or Hijacking

The chat logs of the bots are accessible by all moderators. If it is determined that a bot was taken or “Hijacked” from another player or players you will be dealt with by being banned from the bots and lobby after a warning and/or a mute. This of course is depending on the severity of the infraction. The moderator(s) looking into the situation have the discretion of making that decision.

  • Lobby rules apply to all bots. Mods and Admins will enforce them.
  • Don’t play in more than one bot.
  • Don’t load a bot in order to occupy it waiting for someone/something.
  • First come first serve; up to a certain degree. If after some time no opponent has shown up, bot has to be given free to others.
  • If enough bots are available Mods can decide on their own to not enforce rules 2 and 3.

The rules above are binding for all bot users. Moderators and admins can singularly decide not to enforce these rules (for example, temporarily letting people playing in multiple bots to continue playing especially if many bots are currently unused) or enforce them differently. These are just guidelines.