World War II Revised Variations

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6 army ffa

1. Free-For-All for 6 players

2. hoshi head's seven powers version of WW-II-Revised.

3. Barbarossa

About the mods:

Hoshi Head: The Chinese and an Italian player were added to old WW-2-Revised map.

additional changes to Hoshi Head version:
- WW2v3 rules were added.
- all have paratroopers from the beginning on (how can that be a new technology?).
- Western Russia and Belorussia will be Russian after freed by any allies (because both belong to Russia and cannot be British or American).
- some territory's PU's were changed due to historical reasons.
Belorus: from 2 to 1 (what is there but villages and Minsk..?)
Archangelsk: from 2 to 1 (nothing but cold temperatures)
Borneo and East Indies: from 4 to 3 (Borneo cannot bring in more than India)
Novosibirsk: from 2 to 3 (very important industry region during WW2)
As a result, German starting PU's decreased from 30 to 29 and Japanese from 30 to 28.

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