Ur Quan War Masters Edition


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Ur-Quan Slave War: Masters Edition
Version 1.0, last update 2015.4.12 for engine
Game done by DrSeptapus
Suggestions to gontoben@hotmail.com

a.) Content:
Includes 1 Game.
Ur-Quan Slave War: Masters Edition

b.) Rough overview:
If you are a fan of Star Control you will quickly notice this map is made with love from a fanboi. You will see every ship featured in Star Control 2, including the ones only available in super melee like the Androsynth Guardian. This map does play differently than most space maps however in that every tile is a land tile and all ships are considered land units(except 2 air units). This may seem odd but is mostly canonical since in Star Control 2 you knew a system was owned by a specific race because they had ships in the system, not because of soldiers on the planets.

The game features
- 15 major factions and 3 minor factions available
- 218 tiles(one for each solar system featured in Star Control 2's galaxy map)
- and 34 units including special one time use ships like the Sa-Matra

c.) General tips:
Read game notes before playing.

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