Total World War

Category: BEST

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Created by Rolf Larsson and Hepster

Map and Mechanics by Rolf Larsson and Hepster
Graphics by Hepster
Engine Mechanics by Redrum

December 1941
The brutal winter conditions have stalled all actions of the rampaging Wehrmacht just short of Moscow.
Stalin has organized Russian elite troops from Siberia in preparation for a massive counterattack.
Japan is determined to rule the Pacific and gain access to the resources needed by force.
The Imperial Fleet has maneuvered undetected and is now in position to attack Pearl Harbor.
Roosevelt eager to enter the war for the Allies, will get his Casus Belli at the cost of thousands of American sailors lives.
China is fighting for its very survival in desperate hopes of repelling the Japanese occupation of its homeland.
Italy is determined to restore a Romanesque dominion in the Mediterranean Sea and Africa, while British forces struggle to try
to hold on to their territories across the globe.
The events in December 1941 turn the scattered regional conflicts into a Total World War for the 2nd time.

There is a detailed manual included within the map zip. If you do not know how to get to it, you can download it here:

This manual is also accessible within the game using the help tab.

Triplea is required to play


  • Terrain - modifications for unit values and abilities
  • A real technology tree and research system
  • A 12-sided dice based game system
  • New units like Heavy Tanks unlocked by technologies
  • New unit abilities that offer strategic/tactical advantages when facing certain terrains or enemy units
  • Lend & Lease possibilities for the Allied nations
  • Beautiful in-game pop-up newspaper images
  • Major & Minor nations: limiting regional capabilities
  • Optional Politics (ever wanted to be allied with Spain in a WWII scenario?)
  • Advanced Production systems including multiple types of production facilities
  • Advanced Construction system with Material and Engineers
  • Scorched Earth - Production buildings get reduced or destroyed
  • Freedom of play - no rewards/national objectives forcing players into a specific direction in order to win
  • Advanced Infrastructure (destroy your enemies Units and Buildings with Bombing Raids)
  • Custom Options like National Technology advantages
  • Historical events (Pearl Harbour, Battle of Java Sea, etc) and historically accurate setup as much as possible while making the game playable for either side!
  • and many more...

Nations and Turn order

  • Germany (Vichy France, Danube Axis, Finland)
  • Russia
  • Brazil (Neutral-AI as long as not allied)
  • Japan (Manchuria, Thailand)
  • China
  • Spain (Neutral-AI as long as not allied)
  • Britain (Canada, Egypt, South Africa, India, Australia)
  • Sweden (Neutral-AI as long as not allied)
  • Italy
  • Usa
  • Turkey (Neutral-AI as long as not allied)

Minor Nations (those in brackets like Finland) have their own territories which generate income and production, but their forces are transferred, controlled and moved by their associated Major power (Germany).
This creates a unique gameplay experience where the Major powers have limited ability to exploit production capacity in far flung regions that were underdeveloped and were limited to the use of their own local resources.

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