Total Ancient War


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Make yourself an empire around the Mediterranean Ocean (the known world), in the era when hellenes, romans and phoenicians ruled.
Choose from an arsenal of legionaires, hoplites, catapults, cataphracts, quadriremes, warelephants and many more.

11 faction PvP map including two solo player campaigns
2x map and units larger than 270 BC.
Unit maintenance costs.
Uses real siege warfare.
12 ancient technologies to develop.
Each faction has a unique selection of units.
Pit armies with leaders and navies with flagships against your opponent.
Deep unit support system defending and attacking.
Winning though Victory City points.
Factions survive after their capital is taken.
4 neutral barbarian strongholds: Gauls, Moors, Iber-Celts, Germanic-Dacian-Scythians.

A 270BC mod by Zim Xero.

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