The Rising Sun Variants


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v3 Variants of The Rising Sun (original map by Sieg)
Version 1.0.2, last update 2019.05.03 for engine
Mod done by sneakingcoward.
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Game is continuously played by PBEM.

a.) Content:
The Rising Sun - vXXX ... (with Japanese as 3 parties)

b.) Rough overview:
Detailed description inside game notes, following is a rough overview.

The vXXX mod uses v2+v3 rules and include:
- paratroopers
- air+sea+land transports, also landing boats, generally proper transport concept
- construction unit
- ability to destroy structures with strategic bombing raid (SBR)
- destroy structures at a retreat
- fighter escorting+intercepting and air battle before normal battle
- battle rounds limit
- multiple hitPoints
- Turn order, which combines axis+allies parties and is therefore perfect for PBEM.
- "Change unit owners" from Brit&US to Rus&CN and Rus to CN
- Fighter scrambling with radar
- Fighter can also do SBR to train, radar, construction and not intercepted planes
- Fuel consumption for production+movement, incl. refineries
- AntiAir (AA) separated to combat- (hit 1 of 6) and bombing raid- (hit 1 of 12) AA
- Airbase enables full range for planes
- Recruits
- Slightly modified setup for this variant
- Ships SBR
- Land units SBR

c.) General tips:
Due to the wide range of possibilities its more a game for experienced players (typical rounds 20).
Specially the supply strategy is crucial for this mod with air+sea+land transport units.
The combination of all possible features enables almost a real handling of warfare.
The fuel mod opens a totally new strategy setup. Big unit groups can't move forever, so use your fuel wisely.

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