Pact of Steel Variations

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1. adoy's version of PoS with China added.
This is a variation of Pact of Steel. China has been made its own seperate power, and it has been attempted to rebalance the game accordingly. Their capital is on Sinkiang. Sinkiang is now a Victory City and is worth 3 PU's. Central United States is now worth 5 PU's. China goes after Japan and before the United States. Enjoy!

2. Pact of Steel China Added game with WWII v3 rules.
This mod uses the Pact of Steel map with the new rule structure from World War II v3 and China as an additional Ally. Original POS by: Black Elk, Madmat, Beagle and Cousin Joe POS China Added by: Adoya WWIIv3 Rules update by SirAdamTheGreat Last edited Dec29, 2009.

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