NWO Variants

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Includes 3 variants of New World Order

1) NWO by Smallman.
Map is designed to promote the faster units resulting in less stagnant stacks, and increased variety each game.
Changes: Infantry, Transports, Submarines cost 1 more, Elites and Artillery 0.5 more, Mech.Inf and Katyusha cost 1 less.
Finnland has 2 more EarlyFighters, Stalingrad 5 more Armour, and Paris has 1 more Bunker.

2) NWO 5 Nation
Same units as normal NWO, but with slightly changed territory values and only 5 nations: Germany and Italy against Russia, the UK, and USA.

3) NWO Eastern Front by Penguins
Fewer nations and fewer units than regular NWO, and the territories that were neutral in World War 2 are now impassible.

You must have TripleA 1.5.x.x or later installed in order to use these game variants, as only triplea 1.5 or later come with "new_world_order" and the needed unit images.
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