Large Middle Earth


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Version 1.2, last update 2017.01.13. for engine 1.9
Map deprecated. If you have a recent pre-release of TripleA, try the massively improved continuation, Middle Earth: Battle for Arda instead.
Game done by alkexr
Contributions by Frostion
If you have any suggestions, find alkexr on the triplea dev forum.

A game about a war in Tolkien's Middle Earth where the mightiest realms of the Third Age fight for the victory in the struggle between Good and Evil.

The game features
- a large map with hundreds of territories and many factions
- different territory effects with major impact on battles
- various unit abilities: there is more difference between units than just attack/defense/movement stats
- Free For All game option

Read game notes before playing, unless you want to have your strongest units killed by some unexpected enemy ability.
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