Invasion USA


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The United States of America, against the advise of the United Nations, has continued their development of Advance Laser Technology.
As the first tower nears completion, many European, Asian and third world nations begin recalling their diplomats home.
Now the world waits...
Will you deploy that first laser...
  • Americans player objective: control at least 13 cities until turn 12
  • Invading player(s) objective: conquer and hold at least 18 cities at the end of the Americans turn

Invasion USA Team:
Author: Hobbes__
Images: Dagon81
Testing & Ideas: Pwnator
Additional xml: wc_sumpton
Combats Units:
  • Militia (3)5/(3)5/1/-(-) Americans only.
  • Infantry 3/3/1/3 (24)
  • Mechanized 3/3/2/4 (9)
  • Armor 5/5/2/5 (12)
  • Helicopter 5/5/3(6)/8 (9)
  • Bomber 7/7/4(8)/12 (6)

The Americans can also use a Suicide Strike Token which attack at 7 and move anywheres on the map.
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