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An adaptation of the game "Diplomacy" for TripleA.
Includes 3 Free-For-All (ffa) games, and 1 normal

1) Diplomacy
This is as close as TripleA lets us come to the real Diplomacy board game. Uses some complex rules, be sure to read the game notes.

2) Diplomacy: FFA V3 Rules
This is the Diplomacy map of Europe, with ww2v3 units and rules. Easy to learn.

3) Diplomacy: FFA Great War Style
This is the Diplomacy map of Europe, with "Great War" units. Also very easy to learn.

4) Diplomacy: WW1
Unlike the other 3, this is a normal non-ffa game. It pits Germany, Austria, and Turkey, against France, England, and Russia. (Italy is neutral) It uses Diplomacy style units, Armies and Navies, with 3 territory types: Land, Sea, and Coastal.

Be sure to download some of the map skins for this game.

by Veqryn
With help from Pulicat and Bung
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