Civil War

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by Pulicat

In the summer of 1861, some boys wore blue, some wore gray, but all prayed to the same God for victory.
Play either the Union or the Confederacy to determine the fate of the American Republic.

A House Divided (primary game):
  • Operational scale map, spanning 3 campaign theaters.
  • Heavy focus on economic, geography, and logistics.
  • 12 sided dice.
  • Fully functional and cuttable railroad lines.
  • Deep, upgradable infrastructure tree.
  • 5 resource types, collected from upgradable economic infrastructure, not territory value.
  • Asymmetric victory conditions.
  • Manpower limitations keeps size of armies under realistic control.
  • Only 2 rounds of combat per battle, instead of fight to the death.
  • Can take loans and repay with interest.
  • Unit upkeep costs: troops consume supplies every turn.
  • Unit fuel costs: troops consume require supplies to campaign.
  • Blockade causes inflation and reduces resource production.
  • Low force-to-space-ratio: relatively small stacks roaming the vast American lands, especially in the West.
  • Confederate "Forced March": extra non combat move resets movement counters.
  • "Union logistics": supply depots, shipyards, and railyards provide additional movement.
  • River forts control waterway navigation.
  • Offensive and defensive bonuses and penalties from leadership and constructed fieldworks.
  • Leadership points gained from battlefield experience.
  • Optional commander labels for additional immersion.

Also includes--Eastern Campaigns:
  • Most of the features of A House Divided, but on the smaller Eastern Theater only.
  • An "entry-level" way for new players to learn the game mechanics.

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