Big World 2

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Version 6.1.2, last update 2015.1.2 for engine
Mod done by Prussia.
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a.) Content:
Includes 2 scenarios of Big World 2
Big World 2 : Balance of Power
Big World 2 : Rise of the Axis

b.) Rough overview:
This is a World War 2 themed global map like ww2v3, ww2 revised, Big World 1942 and TWW. This is an averaged sized map. The game play is slower than ww2v3 and ww2 revised, but far faster than NWO and TWW. The game can be decided as quickly as round 6 (approximately 3 hours) but could sometimes drag on to rounds 10+ between experienced players.

Features common in both scenarios
- give players a choice of v3 style or NWO/revised style transport and submarine rules.
- automatically balances starting position under either v3 style or revised rules
- optional national objectives for extra income
- optional national advantages for unique units or abilities
- optional balanced techs. Each tech is more-or-less balanced so that no single tech is overpowered.
- been in development since 2011, playtested over 4 years for balance.

Big World 2 : Balance of Power
This map develops from Big World : 1942 v3 rules by Prussia, Veqryn, Bung, Pulicat et al. The scenario is set at the turning point of WW2 with the battles of Stalingrad and Midway imminent. Experienced players on Big World : 1942 or its variants should have very little problem playing this map. Playable nations are Russia, Germany, Britain, Italy, China, Japan and USA.

Big World 2: Rise of the Axis
This is a 1939 scenario. One Unique feature is the inclusion of the French, who are likely to survive until at least the second round. It is more cost-efficient for Germany to capture Poland before France. Other historical events such as Germany's Axis alliance, Vichy France Surrender and Pearl Harbor are also depicted. This map offers a great variety of strategies for the Axis.

c.) General tips:
Refer to game notes.

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