Another World

Category: GOOD

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by BeornTheBold

This is an 18 player FFA map with all players neutral to each other at the start. Players can change their political
stance toward other nations, from neutral to cooperative, friendly, aligned and allied or to uncooperative,
unfriendly, hostile, and permanent war. Every nation starts with the same units but a different geographic
in a completely custom world.

Grow your population, build cities and factories, expand militarily, and use diplomacy to advance your
nation to supremacy. Develop nuclear capabilities, control the seas, and use canals to out-maneuver your
enemies. Units fight and move differently depending on terrain. Use generals and admirals.
Neutral units control most of the land at the start, some are very difficult to defeat.
In addition to resources from gaining territory, use merchant ships to gain income from trade.

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