270BC Wars


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By Cernel.
Original 270BC map and game by Doctor Che.
Original 270BC game modified by Veqryn, Cernel, redrum.
Original 270BC map details and decorations, "TripleA Ancient" image, units images, territory names images, territory values images, dice images by Hepps.

Mistress of Italy, Rome, looking over the sea, discovers herself engaged in the inexorable struggle for survival against the might of Carthage, encroaching on Africa and Spain, and the islands nearby, as far as the columns of Hercules, the end of the World.
In Greece, the royal hegemony of Macedonia is bitterly challenged by a warring coalition of free cities and leagues, from Sicily, in the west, to Asia, in the east.
Across what remains of what was taken by Alexander, what had begun as a spate of civil conflicts conflated into a dynastic strife between the new realms of Egypt and Syria.
Beyond the Hellenistic world, the ascendancy of Parthia looms on the horizon, eager to champion the resurgence of Persian supremacy to her former greatness.
Meanwhile, hailing from unknown lands, the tribes of Numidia are swarming out of the wilds of Libya, their savage want for slaves and violent desire for booty, unquenchable.
'Tis a clash of civilizations: for either side, the other side is to be eliminated.

Special thanks to Navalland, guerrilla_J and Aposteles for play-testing.
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