270BC Variants

Category: BEST

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2 Variants of 270BC

270BC Cernel Variant (by Cernel)
A low level reworking of 270BC, mainly to rebalance the units and redefine the round 1 gameplay dynamics.
It can be seen as an unofficial new version of 270BC, close to the original.

270BC 40% (by Cernel)
A mod of "270BC Cernel Variant" (see above) where starting units, productions and the city cost are decreased to about 40%. The ruleset is, otherwise, the same as "270BC Cernel Variant".
Aims at keeping closely the gameplay of the original, but with fewer units.
It is an easy to learn and play (but not so easy to master) game, with a detailed suggestions section in notes, written to aid new players.
Special thanks to guerrilla_J, Dany, epinikion for high quality testing (hopefully the game is well balanced, both for dice and low luck).

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