Total World War

Category: BEST

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Created by Rolf Larsson and Hepster

Map and Mechanics by Rolf Larsson
Graphics by Hepster

December 1941
The winter has stopped all actions of the Wehrmacht in front of Moscow. Russian elite troops from Siberia prepare for a conterattack.
Japan is determined to rule the Pacific and gain the ressorces needed by force. The Imperial Fleet is on its way to attack Pearl Harbour.
Roosevelt eager to enter the war for the Allies, will get his Casus Belli. China is fighting to survive a Japanese assault on its mainland.
Italy is determined to restore a Roman like dominion in the Mediterranean Sea, while British forces try to hold on to their territory all
over the globe.The events in December 1941 turn the conflicts into a total World War for the 2nd time.

There is a very good manual included within the zip. If you do not know how to get to it, you can download it here:

Triplea is required at least for the included Tournament Edition.
Triplea is required at least.


  • Terrain - modifications for unitvalues and -abilities
  • A real Technologytree and Researchsystem
  • A 12 sided Dice based Unitsystem
  • New units like Heavy Tanks unlocked by technologies
  • Beautiful ingame newspaper images
  • Advanced Minor concept/use of local resources
  • Optional Politics ( ever wanted to be allied with Spain in a ww2 scenario? )
  • Advanced Productionsystem
  • Advanced Constructionsystem with Material and Engineers
  • Scorched Earth - Production buildings get reduced or destroyed
  • Freedom of play - no rewards/national objectives needed to force a player into any direction
  • Advanced Infrastructure( destroy your enemies Buildings by Bombing Raids)
  • Custom Options like National Technolgy advantages
  • Historical events( Pearl Harbour, Battle of Java Sea,...) and historical accurate setup as much as possible!
  • and many more...

Nations and Turn order

  • Germany ( Vichy France, Danube Axis, Finnland)
  • Russia
  • Brazil (Neutral-AI as long as not allied)
  • Japan ( Manchuria, Thailand)
  • China
  • Spain (Neutral-AI as long as not allied)
  • Britain ( Canada, Egypt, South Africa, India, Australia)
  • Sweden (Neutral-AI as long as not allied)
  • Italy
  • Usa
  • Turkey (Neutral-AI as long as not allied)

Smaller Nations ( those in brackets like Finnland) have their own territory, income and production, but their forces are beeing controlled and moved by their major power.
This allows to play only the majorpowers without having too many nations to be played, but have a realistic use of local resources.

Download with TripleA

(Requires pre-release or higher)

Manual Download (v2)