Help: Downloading Maps

As of TripleA 1.9, downloading maps has become much easier. Since no maps come by default with the engine, it is imperative that you download some maps and get started playing right away.


In-Game Download Process

Most of the time, you will want to play maps collected and curated by the developers of TripleA. These are easy to install using the process described below. If you wish to install other maps, see “Manual Map Installation.”

  1. Launch TripleA from the dock or its program, located by default at /Applications/TripleA. Main TripleA Screen with Download Maps button highlighted
  2. On the launch screen of TripleA, click “Download Maps,” in the left-hand column. Main TripleA Screen with Download Maps button highlighted
  3. A new window will open, listing the maps available for download. If this window does not open, check your network connection. If the problem persists, please report the problem, and any error messages here. TripleA maps listing
  4. Select a map or a few to browse and find one that grabs your attention the most. Feel free to select a few. TripleA maps listing
  5. Once you have chosen maps to download, click “Install” in the bottom row. TripleA map install
  6. The map will begin downloading. Unless you are downloading many maps at once or very large maps, this will only take a few minutes TripleA map download
  7. Once the download is complete, close the window and start playing your new map! TripleA map download complete

Manual Map Installation

Manual installation of maps can be accomplished by moving them to the downloaded maps folder, which can be found at ~/Documents/triplea/downloadedMaps. You do not need to unzip it if the zip file is working properly. If you have issues, try unzipping it.

More on Maps

For a list of all of the maps hosted by TripleA, go here.

For more on the structure of a map and how to make your own, go here.